The Quick Turnaround

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  • The Quick Turnaround

    3 CommentsPosted by Francis LaBelle on July 21, 2010 under Columns, Off-Topic
    Domino's has gone from the company of horrible pizza to the company of dick advertising.... more.
  • Major League Chat Roulette.

    20 CommentsPosted by Marcus Beard on May 12, 2010 under Columns, Gee Whizz, Off-Topic
    What if there was a strand of competitive gaming that required no skill, practice, or effort? You though the only rules to Chat Roulette were '16+' and 'stay clothed'? You were wrong.... more.
  • The Anti-God Delusion

    127 CommentsPosted by Mat Growcott on April 29, 2010 under Columns, Off-Topic
    Sit around children, get comfortable. For this lecture – oh yes, it's a lecture – is about to begin.In last weeks off-topic I spoke about a nation deluding itself into believing it is even a shadow of its former self. I also spoke about dragons.This week we're going to think about a world in which belief and delusion are key parts of our every day existence. Also, magic wizards in the sky.... more.
  • Being English: Our Patron Saint Kills Dragons!

    20 CommentsPosted by Mat Growcott on April 23, 2010 under Columns, Off-Topic
    In actual fact, the story of George and the Dragon is a fable, almost, to scare young children into believing that if you're not Christian, a dragon will eat your sheep. And your wives. But not your pigs. (Perhaps he was a Kosher Dragon?) And I think it says something about the English mentality actually, that this is the story that made George our patron saint.... more.
  • Chat Roulette: Mat Through The Looking Glass

    0 CommentsPosted by Mat Growcott on March 26, 2010 under Off-Topic
    I first heard of Chatroulette when I read an article in the Times about the disgusting nature of what he saw while using the service. For those, like me, who are sheltered to such things, Chatroulette should be the digital equivalent of speed dating, only quicker, less awkward and more efficient. In fact, it's more like walking through the streets of the Reeperbahn but with all the walls rem... more.
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