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NonsenseGamer is a small site dedicated to bringing the very best columns and reviews that the web can offer. We’ll never be the sort of site that copy and pastes news off of other blogs in order to seem busy, nor will we ever just try to get hits.

This journalistic moral standard means we have a hard road ahead of us, but if you feel you can add to the team then get in touch with us today!

What does it take to be a NonsenseGamer?

We can’t offer you salaries, bin-bags full of free gifts or thousands of hits every day. We CAN offer you a place in a tight knit team, all of whom have pride in their work and enjoy working together on and off the site. You’re more likely to see us playing Battlefield 1943 together then to see us having a meeting.

It is this bond, as well as a mutual respect and appreciation of one another’s ideas, that make Nonsense Gamer special.

And as our hits increase, there will be chance for promotion and responsibility: great for a budding journalist’s CV.  We can offer constant feedback and support to make you the best you can be.

We listen to your opinion because, Editor-In-Chief or Teaboy, everybody is entitled to chip in.

If you join NonsenseGamer, you will not be disappointed.

What positions do we have available?

Columnist/Reviewer – Columnists are responsible for creating original, weekly content that will be posted up on the same day each week. See our I-Play, The Weekly Dose, Gee Whizz, and all our other columns for an idea of what sort of thing is expected of our columnists.  An excellent grasp of the English language, as well as the ability to take constructive criticism are required for this position.

News Contributor – At NonsenseGamer, we know that we can’t keep up with daily news posts the way the big sites can. Most game sites try to regurgitate news posts from Kotaku, 1Up, Gamasutra, etc. in order to get tons of content on their site. But reprinting (in some cases word for word) news stories from other sites isn’t creating content, and it isn’t entertaining to readers who have seen it all before.  Instead, our news writers only write once every few days and come up with a collection of news that, while important,  people may have missed elsewhere. That way it’s relevant, entertaining, and most importantly, useful.

PR – NonsenseGamer articles make the rounds all over the net, and for good reason; they are some of the best around. But getting our articles in front of interested readers isn’t as easy as just writing it, putting it on the site, and forgetting about it. We’re looking for a dedicated PR person or two who can take the articles, post them up on N4G, Twitter, Facebook, and more, as well as posting in message boards and getting attention for the articles where appropriate. An interested individual doesn’t need a TON of free time, but should have a bit of time each day to help the articles get around.

That’s all for now! If you think you have what it takes to join the NonsenseGamer team, send relevant samples along with a few reasons we should bring you on board to jtryan(at)  We look forward to you joining the team!

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