The Doors DLC coming to Rock Band 3 for Free

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The Doors DLC coming to Rock Band 3 for Free

Musical legends the Doors are going to be the first band with tracks available to download as DLC with Pro-bass and Pro-Keyboard modes. The most exciting thing about this is that if you play online within the first week of release you will recieve these 3 tracks completely free of charge.

Take THAT, increase in price.

The tracks are ‘Light My Fire,’ ‘Riders On the Storm’ and ‘Touch Me’.

From the press release:

“I’m very excited that keyboards are finally a part of Rock Band. It’s about time you guys got hip to the necessity of keys in rock,” said Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors. “This is going to be great for all the gamers, because it’s a lot more difficult.  Rock Band 3 will require some brainwork, so let’s ‘Break On Through!’  By the way, get those free downloads: ‘Light My Fire,’ ‘Riders On the Storm’ and ‘Touch Me’ are all great keyboard songs. And look out for The Doors’ lost masterpiece, Live in Vancouver, when it releases Nov. 22!”

“At the outset of the Rock Band 3 project, we identified The Doors, with their powerful songs driven by intricately woven keyboard, guitar and drum parts, as an ideal partner for our game,” said Paul DeGooyer, Senior Vice President of Music, Electronic Games and Programming for MTV Networks. “As they are also one of the greatest rock bands of all time, we are tremendously proud that they will be the first artist featured in the Rock Band 3 download store and that we’re able to bring this special offer of their music to everyone who buys Rock Band 3 the week it releases.”

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