Epic Mickey Gets A Collectors Edition

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Epic Mickey Gets A Collectors Edition

The up and coming Epic Mickey looks to be getting a pretty snazzy special edition. Listed on the Toys ‘R Us retail site for $69.99 the pack includes:

- A copy of the game

- A pair of Epic Mickey skins for the Wii

- An Epic Mickey faceplate for your wiimote

- A DVD with behind the scene videos and what not

- Some special packaging (what sort of special edition would it be without special packaging)

- And a 5 inch vinyl figure of Mickey himself

Seems like a nice package, especially if your one of those people who think their Wii needs to look like it fell into the hands of a lunatic with a paintbrush. I can’t help thinking though that it should have been called Epic Mickey’s Epic Edition, of Epicness!

See, I can do this marketing thing too!

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