Kinect Sells 8 Million Units

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Kinect Sells 8 Million Units

Microsoft have revealed that the Kinect has sold 8 Million Units. The motion camera, which is either really good or really bad depending on who you ask, has obviously touched the imagination of consumers around the globe.

You can say this for the Kinect: it’s very good at what it does. I’m just not sure what it does is very ambitious.

Although Dance Central has flabby people doing very unflattering poses to bad music, the potential is staggering. And I guess 8 million people are going to feel the benefit as the platform continues to grow.

And with that sort of user base, it will continue to grow.

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  • Allison Hill
    January 6, 2011
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    The real question is did they sell that many to consumers or retailers?


    Mat Growcott Reply:

    Hill, Undisclosed. I checked and double checked the press release for that information, but it was nowhere obvious.

    They made a big deal about how the Kinects are basically selling before retailers can even stick them on shelves. Basically, presume consumers, don’t be surprised if it’s retailers.

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