Razer 360 Controllers Will Give you an Edge

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Razer 360 Controllers Will Give you an Edge

Razer are soon to release a couple of top-of-the-line 360 controllers guaranteed to help you beat other players on Live. Or, at the very least, it looks rather cool.

The first of the two controllers, the Razer Onza Tournament edition, has a host of customizable features that let you change such things as the resistance of both analogue sticks, making sensitivity on screen more than just a meaningless number within the game. Programmable buttons are there to help you perform the action you want to perform, with half the time needed on a regular controller, and a more precise d-pad improves upon the old Microsoft design.

The standard controller seems to be the same, without the adjustable analogue sticks. For the extra $10, you might as well get the very best for $49.99.

Razer, their background being in PC gaming, have made it so that these controllers are fully compatible with your PC when plugged in.

Usually I don’t get too excited about third party controllers. I guess it’s because they’re often made to be a cheap alternative to the official controller. This improves upon the original design, and doesn’t cost too much more.

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