Silent Hill 8 Now Has A Proper Name

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Silent Hill 8 Now Has A Proper Name

We’ve got some brand new details about the new upcoming Silent Hill game. The eighth game will be called Silent Hill: Downpour. The long standing and widely recognisable survival horror series seems to be swapping the long standing fog of doom for a slightly wetter environment.

The new information comes from the US Game Informer according to IGN. Water seems to be playing a big role in this game, no surprising seeing as it’s in the name. It looks like water will feature heavily during Silent Hills collapse into it’s nightmarish other worldly state with it’s rust covered dark corridors filled with unimaginable horror.

Other things to note is that the game seems to be taking various aspects from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories released on the Wii, PSP and PS2. Most importantly it’s psychological profiling system where decisions you make effect story developments. There will also be an emphasis on running away as well as combat. It seems that protagonist Murphy Pendleton will only be able to carry one weapon at a time, which is sure to create some tense situations.

Hopefully this will be the boost the series needs, and undoes some of the mistakes that have left a bad taste in long standing fans mouths.

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