THQ Enforcing Their Online Pass On Homefront’s Multiplayer

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THQ Enforcing Their Online Pass On Homefront’s Multiplayer

It looks like THQ will be busting out the online passes again with the upcoming Homefront. The policy is widely used by EA in an attempt to curb used game sales. THQ have used it in the past and it looks like it’s being thrust into action once again.

Players who pick up a copy of Homefront new will receive an online pass that let’s them access all of the multiplayer content. Those who pick up a second hand copy will need to pay an extra $10 for full access. That’s not to say that those who pick up a used copy will be locked out completely. They’ll have their online level capped at level 5. So while it’s still playable, when you consider there are 75 levels you may feel the overwhelming urge to pay the extra bucks. Or buy new.

The game is currently slated for a March release so we’ll see then how this goes down for THQ.

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