Yoostar 2 Coming to Europe

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Yoostar 2 Coming to Europe

Ok, perhaps it’s just the natural ham in me, but this game has me rather excited. Could there be a cooler use of the cameras for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3? Could there be a more unique take on the rhythm genre?

Yoostar 2 is a karaoke game with a difference. Rather than sing at the right time, you talk. Replacing you with characters in popular scenes from TV and Film, you must hit your marks and play your part perfectly to maximise your points.

Arnie got paid rather a large amount for very few words in The Terminator, reckon you could do better? Yoostar 2 will be the game to get Q1 2011.

From the press release:

“This is the most innovative use of camera technology we’ve seen to date,” said Alberto González Lorca, VP Third Parties, NAMCO BANDAI Partners. “The moment you see yourself on screen in Yoostar2 is the moment you fall in love with it. We’re convinced this will be the next social gaming sensation and we’re delighted to have secured the rights to distribute the game throughout Europe.”

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