Crazy Taxi Achievement Completion Guide

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Crazy Taxi Achievement Completion Guide

If you fondly remember Crazy Taxi, as I do, then you’ll likely have bought the game when it was re-released on PS3 and 360.

Of course, this re-release comes with a pack of Trophies/Achievements to unlock, and it won’t take you long. With our super-handy guide to all things Crazy Taxi, you’ll be racing towards 200 (Hopefully with a terrified customer in the back) before you know it.

Handy Tips

Crazy Taxi isn’t a difficult game by any means, but it can be a little hard to grasp at first. The Crazy Box also has it’s share of doozies, so it’s best to be prepared.

My first advice would be to learn all the techniques. Drift and Dash, in particular, will be instantly useful. Keep in mind that it’s very easy to get techniques mixed up because of how sensitive the controls are at times. It’s sometimes difficult not to Drift instead of Dash, but learning the difference and perfecting the way you pull it off will help you knock a few seconds off any score.

If you’re struggling, take a look at this handy video from SEGA. It’s guaranteed to set you on your way.

Once you’ve tended to your bleeding fingers (Dash is painful after a while), just hit the streets. Driving around both the Arcade and Original maps will help you get used to what sort of cornering you can expect and how much traffic you’re likely to see. Starting to learn your way about doesn’t hurt either, but is by no means necessary.

When you’re actually driving, try to park up next to your next customer. It’ll save you a bunch of time between customers and, to use a cliché, time is money. If you can’t find a fare within the current customer’s drop-off zone, at least try to turn so you’re facing your next target, even that little action can give you a slight edge.

Most importantly, try to enjoy the game. While it doesn’t take long to get all the achievements, if you’re brand new to the game, you’ll likely find yourself restarting a few times to get a single achievement. Things will be a lot easier if you try to enjoy the experience.

Road Map

Time Spent: Less than 5 Hours
Achievements: 12
Points: 200G
Cost of the game: 800 Points

Step 1

Once you’re ready to start achievement hunting, head to the Crazy Box. It is here that you’ll not only earn a handful of rather valuable achievements, but you’ll also be able to hone your skills. By the time you’ve finished all these missions, you’re sure to be a master cabbie and, while I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, you’ll probably impress somebody with your Crazy skills. Completing Step 1 will deliver 100G, fast as anything.

Step 2

Jump into Arcade mode. The map is slightly easier than Original mode and is a great place to test those skills you’ve learnt in actual gameplay. Completing Step 2 will net you 50G.

Step 3

Perhaps the most annoying step, the Original map is designed to make you hate it with a passion. With zigzag roads and semi-hidden drop-off points, you need to know the  layout of the city, at the very least which streets are likely to have you turning around and heading back to where you came.  You’ll get 50G for your hard efforts thought and, if you’ve done it in the order laid out here, you’re likely to have every single Achievement in the game.

Achievement Guide

Skilful Drive (10G)

You have cleared 1-1 through 1-s in the Crazy Box


This is the easiest level in the game, so long as you’ve learnt the Crazy Dash move. Shift from reverse to accelerate and, just as you do, push down on the right trigger to perform the dash and you should have absolutely no problem flying past the minimum point. I suggest using Gena, she seems slightly faster than the others.


Another easy level, once you’ve mastered your techniques. Head for the flag as fast as possible, using the Dash. Again, using Gena worked for me.


Destroying balloons. Enjoy it while you can folks, the levels soon get frustrating. Drive as quickly and accurately as possible, popping the balloons around you as you go. Before you know it, 1-3 will be a happy memory.


This is where the levels get potentially frustrating. While you’ll be able to do this no problem if you’re a veteran Taxi driver, this is the first level where you really need to perfect the use of the Drift. It sounds like such an easy task: knock down all the pins. But at high speed, this presents a few issues.

The way to do it easily is to drift into the pins at the last second, spinning towards the next set of pins. Work out the timing on this and you’ll be hitting almost all of them in no time. I went from hitting less than half to only missing 1 or 2 total after working on this.

Easier than people seem to make out, but requires a little practise.

Superb Driver (20G)

You have cleared 2-1 through 2-s in Crazy Box mode


A nice easy one to introduce a set of Drift based levels. You must get a combo of 15, using drift. Thankfully you have a fair amount of time and the amount is cumulative, you don’t have to do it in one drift. You probably won’t be far off though, I think my best was 8 or 9. Just make sure you have enough speed and drift towards the green hills. Once you’ve stopped, don’t bother trying to drift again until you are at a decent speed.


Using a combination of Drift and Dash, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Race for the destination, up hills and round sharp corners. Try not to overdo it, as each wall you hit will reduce your chance of getting to the end in time. As a more specific hint, the fence on the last hill down towards the drop off point ends before the hill does. Use this to your advantage and drift around as soon as you see that gap. This will likely knock a few seconds off your time.


This next level looks harder than it actually is, but with a little trial and error is perfectly simple. Just make a note of the layout of the paths and don’t drift until you’re sure you’ll make it to the next platform. It’s very tempting to hop across early in an attempt at beating the clock, but nine times out of ten you will crash and burn.

Besides, there’s a hard version of this level to look forward to…


This one may be difficult. Hopefully by now you’ve come close to perfecting the Drift move because you’re expected to take a customer to a checkpoint within a rather unfair time limit and if you fall in the water, it’s restart time.

Perhaps begin by driving a little slower around the course, get a feel for the corners (Particularly that sharp fourth corner) and speed up each time till you’ve finished. I did it the “drive fast and hope for the best method”, and it’s rather painful at times.

Amazing Driver (30G)

You have cleared 3-1 through 3-S of Crazy Box.


5 customers, 5 destinations, a woefully obvious countdown and a rather scary sense of being far too slow for a mission like this. Try to use Drift so that when you’re dropping off, you’re facing back towards the group of customers. It’s probably also worth noting that you shouldn’t be scared to get your tyres dirty, there are times when cutting over the grass will save you time.

Also: because of the way picking up fares works, sometimes you can be right next to one customer and another will be chosen to come and get into your cab. Because of this I strongly suggest being very aware of your location when you get towards the group. Obviously, the time still ticks down as you’re picking up, so the closer you are to the customer, the better.

I have to admit, this one took me a while. I was always a second or so shy of finishing within the time limit. When you get to that point, it’s just a case of perfecting your routine, rather than shaking the whole thing up. Keep trying, and you’ll soon have this one in the bag.


This is actually easier than the last level, at least for me it was. You have to deliver 3 customers to their destinations within the time limit, the catch this time being that you’re on a busy set of main roads. The traffic on these levels are an annoying obstacle, rather than an actual threat, so don’t worry if you crash a little too much.

The first and third customers aren’t really even worth mentioning: you basically have to drive in a straight line to get to their destinations. The longer bit, the second customer, will have you driving within traffic. Just try to weave in and out and try not to take too big a risk. It’s better to have a slightly worse time and finish the level than it is to screw it up and not finish at all.


The easiest of the tier 3 levels, you need to drive towards a pole. At these poles a customer will get out, a customer will get in. Rinse and repeat. If you’ve managed to get this far you’ll have this one finished with no trouble.


Remember that rather annoying 2-S level that had you scratching your head and biting your nails?

Want a harder version?

This level is incredibly difficult, your timing has to be perfect and your Drifts need to have been practiced. I didn’t make the video above, but hopefully it will give some indication of what your up against. You need to deliver a bunch of old lady clones to various places along the zig-zag, but they have chosen very specific destinations.

If you over-correct, you’ll drown. If you under-correct, you’ll drown. Take it slow at first and try and build on that.

Good luck. You’ll need it.

Crazy Driver (40G)

Complete Special 1 through Special Stage in Crazy Box.

These levels are only unlocked once you’ve finished every other stage but, and trust me on this, if you haven’t mastered the other levels then you probably wouldn’t want a couple of these unlocked. Difficult, often unfair but rewarding, finishing these levels will award you with bike vehicle for every character and a pretty nicely sized achievement.


This one isn’t actually too hard if you’ve perfected weaving in and out of traffic. The challenge is to get a 30 combo, meaning you need to get as close as you can to other cars as possible without actually touching them 30 times.

This is actually one of the funnest mini-games in the Crazy Box, and, if you’re anything like me, utterly failing the first few times is  a pleasure.

The time limit is actually enough for you to go a little slower than you usually would though, so try to drive properly. This counts doubly for the bumpy parts of the road, as these bits are murder.


Drive through the parking lot as quickly as possible to drop off your customer. This isn’t too difficult, just try not to crash. If you found the last one easy, especially in regards to the weaving, then this one will be a cinch.


Remember those difficult levels I mentioned? They start here.

Pick up the customers, all 7 of them, and drop them off at the end point. It sounds much easier than it is, because the customers are rather spread around the place. Experiment with picking up fares in different orders and just develop your own method. I tended to go towards the right first, but what suited my style may not suit yours.


It’s all come to this evil little level. Why is it evil? Because there’s barely any indication as to whether you’re doing it right or not, because it’s quite long and, if you fail, you must begin again from the beginning.

You must get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, but without any indication about in which direction point B is located. Just drive as quickly as you can and note that if you get a checkpoint you’re heading in the right way. Use the skills you have learnt thus far and try not to crash too much.

On completing this level you’ll have unlocked all the Crazy Box achievements. From this point, you’ll probably have the full 200G in a little more than an hour. That’s right, this next bit is THAT easy.

Arcade C-Licence (5G)
Original C-Licence (5G)
Arcade B-Licence (10G)
Original B-Licence (10G)
Arcade A-Licence (15G)
Original A-Licence (15g)
Arcade S-Licence (20G)
Original S-Licence (20G)

Arcade is the easier of the two Licence sets, start with that. Simply get between a certain score to be awarded a certain licence type. If you manage to get above $2000, you’ll be rewarded the C-Licence, above $3000 you’ll get the B-Licence.

$4000 will net you the A-Licence and between $5000-$9999 will get you the S-Licence.

Important: these don’t roll back. If you get the A-Licence, you won’t be given the achievements for the C and B-Licences. Try to start with the S-Licence and work your way down, that way each game is only getting quicker.

Once you get onto the Original map, prepare for a bit more of a challenge. Try going for the longer rides and improving your money with tips (doing throughs and drifts). Tight paths and seemingly more traffic will make this one a struggle, but it’s entirely doable.


Crazy Taxi is an easy 200G for a low price and it’s rather entertaining as well. You can get the full amount within a single night with little or no trouble.

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