Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Achievement Guide

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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Achievement Guide

If there was one thing that would make you buy Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, outside of my glowing review of course, it would be that the achievements for this game are about as easy as a hen night group at 3am.

The biggest thing you need to take mind of is that you need to have read the achievements before playing. My presumption is that by reading this guide, you CAN (and will) get at least all but one of the achievements on your first playthrough.

Without further ado, let’s get into the guide.


Note: The only, and I mean ONLY, way to get these achievements as easily as I did is to play with a friend sat right next to you. It really is a breeze and, as an added incentive, for most the achievements only one of you has to get it to unlock the achievement for both players.

The two secret achievements are story related and need no further conditions fulfilled than simply getting through the levels. They’re worth 35G overall.


A Friend in Need  (20G)

I suppose for this one, if you were really desperate, you could just plug in a second controller. I’m fairly sure I unlocked this by just starting a multiplayer game. When online goes live next month you’ll be able to get this by just getting into a game with another person but for now I suggest you invite a friend over or play with your significant other and actually play through the game together.

It’ll be much more fun in the long run.

Jump Jump  (10G)

This is an achievement you will get at some point in the game, because it’s such a useful skill to have. Lara can jump onto Totec’s shield (Using RB), Totec can then jump giving Lara a little boost of height to HER jump.

If you want to, you can get it as soon as the game begins but there is absolutely no need to artificially get it.

Leap of Faith  (15G)

If you have someone playing with you, this should be easy. Jump somewhere you can’t recover from as Totec and then have Lara use her grapple. So long as Totec survives the fall and climbs back up, this achievement is yours. This can be done anywhere where there are dangerous jumps with long

Return to Sender  (15G)

This isn’t one that I got naturally through the game, but upon knowing what you have to do it is easy. There are monsters in this game that use magic, you’ll know them when you seem them because they tend to gang up on you and seeing 10+ blue orbs chasing you around the level makes you panicky as hell.

As Totec: turn around, point your shield in the direction of the orbs (Using LB) and the orbs will fly back. You’ll probably miss the first few times but keep getting closer and closer, with your shield up, and you’ll eventually fire the blue orb back and kill the thing that cast the spell.

Just as a note, you should probably destroy all but a single monster while doing this achievement. If you have to walk slowly towards a monster you don’t want to be repeatedly attacked from behind.

Three Birds, One Stone  (10G)

Another achievement that is easy to manufacture but that you’ll get eventually anyway. As the name implies, you must kill 3 enemies with one bomb (Y button). Towards the end of the game you’ll start seeing the animated Skeletons, which you have to finish off with bombs. These will give you plenty of oppurtunity to kill 3 enemies at once with the bomb.

But to be perfectly honest, any swarming enemy will be fine. Any regular enemies will be fine, so long as you can line them up well enough.

A nice easy 10G.

Beat a better Mouse Trap  (10G)

There are a few spike traps on the way to finding the one you need for this achievement. You’ll know it when you see it, it’s huge and within the spider tomb level.

There’s no ‘easy’ way of doing this. Just be quick, watch where you’re going and if you die make a note of what you did wrong. This really isn’t as hard as you think it’ll be when you see how much the trap is.


Seeing Red  (20G)

Collect all the red skulls for one level (There are 10 in each level.) These are only very occasionally hidden somewhere where you will miss it if you’re looking out for them. The trick is having someone playing with you to help actually get to them. Other than that, this isn’t a hard achievement. I think I got it on the first or second level, but some levels are certainly harder than others in this department and if you want this achievement you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it fairly quickly.

Breadwinner  (25G)

Each level gives you a set of optional objectives to complete. These will often give you points, weapons or some Easter egg to look at, but there are always the point based objectives. These come in increments of 3, for this achievement you have to beat the highest score.

This shouldn’t be too difficult if you collect and kill everything you see. Perhaps an idea to do this one on single player to avoid falling out with your partner over being a ‘point whore’.

Overachiever  (15G)

The opposite of Breadwinner, this has you complete a level specific objective. For instance, you could complete a certain thing with a time limit. I know on the first level one of the objectives is destroy all the urns.

Go break some pots.

Tomb Raider  (25G)

This is the achievement for collecting EVERYTHING. All weapons, all relics and artefacts. Some of these you’ll find just lying around waiting to be picked up, some will be in the optional tombs. Some you’ll have to complete a specific objective for.

My suggestion here is to make a note of objectives you need to fulfil on any given level and then while you’re trying to do that explore EVERYWHERE.

This is the only achievement in the game which you may not be able to get straight away, just keep your eyes peeled…


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a fantastic game that really is enjoyable in co-op. You shouldn’t need any more reason than that to pick it up. That said, the achievements really are easy (Except for Tomb Raider, that will come in time) and if you just want a simple 200G attached to an extremely playable game then this is the game for you.

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