Treyarch Are Making Sure You Won’t Trade In Black Ops

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Treyarch Are Making Sure You Won’t Trade In Black Ops

Developers these days are always trying to come up with ways to fight the used game market, what with EA’s online pass and such. Treyarch are taking a different path. They want to make sure you won’t trade in your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops because it’s going to kick a serious amount of ass.

Talking to Mark Lamia told of his plans to make sure that the multiplayer was so good that the player wouldn’t not want to be playing it. So even when we aren’t playing Black Ops we’ll be wishing we were.

We’re going to support the hell out of Black Ops. That will be our focus post-release: making sure we keep our fans engaged, and hopefully as a result, they’ll want to keep playing our game and won’t want to trade it in.”

With new game modes already implemented and the ability to do a spot of virtual gambling Treyarch are already mixing things up a bit with regards to multiplayer. I’m confident that Treyarch will keep their word and continue supporting their title. World at War got more than a couple of map packs, more so than it’s Modern Warfare counter part and who knows what they’ll do. They’ve already tackled zombies in one game, how about a Nazi alien mode where we all run around with ray guns. Hey, never say never right?

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